The concept

We are constantly looking for perfection ... Our growth is due, above all, to the careful listening to the needs of our customers who like to dress with comfort at any time, without having to give up elegance.

Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself inside and out.

A. Hepburn

Our goal

We use exclusively high quality Italian fabrics combined with excellent craftsmanship to offer our customers the best of Made in Italy.

The tailoring workshop

We create unique garments individually packed by expert seamstresses, who work with mastery taking care of every detail. The garments are completely handmade from cut to package, to end with the application of the daisy, a symbol that distinguishes our brand.

Co-branding collections


Photographer: Marcello Arena | Make-Up: Mattia Andreoli | Dancers: Martina Arduino, Caterina Bianchi, Karina Samoylenko, Eva Stokic