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Our Mission

We craft high-performance ballet garments, constantly seeking quality and beauty, shaped by our personal professional experience and enriched by carefully listening to the needs of dancers and the valuable insights of our collaborators.

The Tailoring Workshop

We create unique garments individually packed by expert seamstresses, who work with mastery taking care of every detail. The garments are completely handmade from cut to package, to end with the application of the daisy, a symbol that distinguishes our brand.

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Zig-Zag Daisy
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Our Values

Begin a pas de deux with true Italian craftsmanship: each garment is an elegant style statement, meticulously hand-sewn. Every 'distinctive detail' is actually a hallmark of genuineness and artisan mastery. Discover the enchanting beauty that only craftsmanship can unveil, where every detail narrates a story woven with passion and romance.

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100% Made in Italy

The entire process, spanning from production to packaging, unfolds within the Company's Showroom nestled in the heart of Milan, Italy, exclusively utilizing materials of Italian origin.

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DellaLo' Fabrics

Innovation, meticulous attention to detail, and a commitment to eco-friendliness form the core values of the company. The pursuit of perfection is an ongoing journey for us, with sustainability being a key aspect at various touchpoints.

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Photographer: Marcello Arena

Digitech: Alessandro Gamba - Light Assistant: Marcello Raguso

Make-Up: Cristina Manetti

Cover Dancers: Gaia Andreanò, Giulia Lunardi, Letizia Masini

Dancers: Gaia Andreanò, Camilla Cerulli, Chiara Ferrara, Letizia Masini, Sena Motoyoshi, Eva Stokic