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It is the passion for the harmony of movement that lies at the heart of our company.

Founded in March 2015, DellaLo’ stands out for handmade and tailored manufacturing of dance clothing.


We are constantly looking for perfection and our growth is mainly due to the careful listening of our customers’ needs, who love to dress, at any time, in a practical and comfortable way, without having to give up elegance.

Dancers wish to be inspired by the garments they wear and, through them, they like to reveal their ways of being, their aspirations. With so much effort and combining the love for dance and haute couture, DellaLo’ is conquering more and more the heart of its customers.

Our goal is to become the market leader in the business of handmade dance clothing manufacturing, aiming at the full customer satisfaction, thanks to the quality of our products and our ability to make them unique through customization.

To win this challenge, our mission is to exclusively use high-end Italian fabrics and high quality craftsmanship.

DellaLo’ is based on these values and criteria:

  • Team working;
  • Differentiated customer service;
  • Ethics;
  • Transparent relationships;
  • Originality and innovation.

The Founder

Lorella Ferraro is the founder of DellaLo' Milano. Born and raised in the Paduan countryside, at the age of four she asked to let her do ballet classes and she was allowed to do that. In the meantime, the women of the family gave her what traditionally is the baggage that a young lady must know: sewing. The needle has been given in her hand before she was even able to write. She couldn't even imagine at that time how much it would have been useful in the future. Her grandmother used to say: "Learn the art and put it aside ..." and she understood that the patience and the dedication would have been critical for achieving great results.

With her great dedication and tenacity she joined, as a child, to one of the most important theatre in the world, the “Alla Scala Theater” of Milan, where she started a brilliant and  long-time career. 

She knew from her personal experience which designs and fabrics were most appreciated by dancers. That’s the secret behind the great attention to the perfect fit and the extreme care in choosing materials. 

Over the years she surrounded herself  with a great Team of very expert tailors who follow, under the leadership of the passionate designer, all the garments’ manufacturing process inside the Showroom located in the heart of Milan.

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