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Which Ballet Bun style are you? 

Let's see 3 different hairstyle for the final exams and auditions season! 

Ballet Bun

Leotard: Era DI - Dancer: Chiara Ferrara - Teatro alla Scala 

The ballet bun is the quintessential ballet hairstyle. 

Here's a little tip! Once you've made the tail, try to divide your hair into two equal parts and roll them around the tail one strand at a time. In this way you will be able to manage your thick hair better to achieve a flat chignon. 

French Roll

The French roll is one of the most widely used ballerina hairstyles. This is because it confers even more elegance than the chignon giving a lengthening sensation to the neck. 

At first it may seem like a complex hairstyle, but with a little practice, you will see that it will look easy!

The trick is to learn how to wrap your hair: twist your hair around two fingers and then pull them out.... et voilà, you're done!

Halo Bun

This is less common but till used for regular dance classes or stages, as well as for shows and competitions. 

Leotard: Tacita DI - Dancer: Giulia Lunardi - Teatro alla Scala

Start by making a low ponytail and divide your hair into two equal parts. Make two braids and then fasten them around your head with several hairpins to form a halo.

✏️ Tell us witch is your favorite or other ones you use!


Dancers: Marta Gerani, Camilla Cerulli, Letizia Masini - Teatro alla Scala

Leotards: Iris G AR - Fedra GL - Iris AR

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