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We craft high-performance ballet garments, constantly seeking quality and beauty, shaped by our personal professional experience and enriched by carefully listening to the needs of dancers and the valuable insights of our collaborators. Dance with style, create with passion.

Finanziato dall’Unione europea – Next Generation EU 

Owned by Women

Founded by a woman, DellaLo’ boasts an all-female team of experienced seamstresses from 20 to 60 years old. In our workplace we put the propensity of each employee and her personal needs at the centre. Everyone is given the opportunity to find her own place based on her abilities and passions. The production area is in the most beautiful and brightest part of the showroom, and there is maximum flexibility in terms of working hours and organization. Any form of professional improvement and growth through specialized courses is promoted and any food for thought is enthusiastically welcomed and indeed encouraged.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Thanks to the craftsmanship and high-quality fabrics of exclusive Italian origin, the company produces only long-lasting garments. The fabrics have good strength and elasticity and are washed so that they are delivered to the customer clean and fragrant. We invest in the care of our garments, prolonging their life and causing less impact on the environment: good quality items last longer, generating less consumption and less waste. Furthermore, we have no excess production, so each garment receives its due value.

In recent years, DellaLo' has begun a slow transition to recycled fabrics with the aim of pursuing increasingly responsible production. Every time an order is processed and shipped, a small contribution is donated to purchase carbon removal credits, ensuring that all our orders are indeed carbon neutral. Finally, the paper used for packaging, labels and envelopes is 100% recyclable and biodegradable, while the plastic used for packaging is Green Pe (I'm greentm), the first green biopolymer made from sugar cane and other pre-consumer recycled materials.

Expertise in tailoring and ballet

One of the most important values is the care of each detail and the handmade management of each productive process. The full production happen in our workshop in Milan in order to have the full control of each phase to preserve the quality and the performance of each garment. The beauty of our garments comes from the study of the wearability and the deep knowledge of the feeling every dancer is looking for when choosing a leotard.

We apply all our experteese in tailoring to make every particular comfortable and thanks to our long history in ballet field we ensure the functionality of each single part.

DellaLo' Women - Potraits from our Company