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Elevate Your Dance: The Best Necklines to Enhance the Back in ballet

The art of dance is a form of bodily expression that requires not only technique and grace, but also a strong awareness of one's body. One of the most fascinating elements of a dancer is his or her back, which can be a secret weapon to capture the audience's attention. In this article, we will explore some of the best necklines to enhance the back, which can help make your performance even more fascinating.


  1. The 'V' neckline on the back

One of the most elegant ways to show off your back is to wear a leotard with a 'V' neckline at the back. This neckline creates a flowing line that extends from the nape of the neck to the lower back, emphasising its beauty and length. This is the neckline we find in the Diana, a leotard ideal for ballet dancers or anyone who wants to add a touch of sensuality to their performance, but also in the Fedra, a dance leotard with a versatile style that is excellent for ballet as well as contemporary dance. 

  1. The U-shaped neckline on the back

The U-neck is a versatile option that can be adapted to a variety of dance styles. This cut fits the back naturally, without being too bold. You can wear it with grace and style by choosing the Tersicore DI and Tersicore CL leotard or opting for the Iside CL for a more fairytale-like cut.


  1. The deep neckline at the back

If you want a bold and sensual look, the deep back neckline is the perfect choice. This style emphasises the middle of the back, creating an extraordinary effect when you are in motion. It is a popular choice among dancers in the most emotional and intense performances who find these characteristics in the Brigid GL & Aura GL.


  1. The 'triangle' neckline on the back

The 'triangle' neckline is an interesting design that adds a dose of originality to your dance outfit. This style is characterised by a triangle-shaped opening at the back that creates a unique and intriguing effect. An example of this is the Tacita DI back, but for those who want to experiment with different cuts without sacrificing elegance, there is the possibility to emphasise the angles even more by choosing the triangle neckline and creating their own dance leotard through the tailor-made service.

 Minerva GL - Triangle backline ballet leotard

  1. The crossover neckline on the back

If you're looking for a style that combines practicality and aesthetics, the crossover straps are an excellent choice, just like those of the Gaia. This cut creates a structure at the back of the leotard that can be both functional and attractive. It is an excellent choice for performances requiring dynamic movements and a well-supported back.


  1. The drop neckline on the back

The drop neckline is a delicate and graceful cut that can add a touch of glamour to your performance. In the Elettra GL, for example, the opening at the back creates a fascinating effect with a dynamic flavour. The deep drop of the Selene DI is an ideal choice for classical ballets or elegant performances.

 Elettra GL - Drop neckline ballet leotard

So, experiment with these styles and find out which back neckline best suits your next performance. Happy dancing!


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