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Welcome Spring:

The Most Spring-like Pas de Deux

The spring season has always inspired art and culture, even in the world of classical dance. The blooming and awakening of nature that characterize this time echo in some of the most beautiful and famous choreographies.
Here are three celebrated pas de deux that encapsulate the most spring-like emotions in their choreographies, depicted in the wonderful way that only ballet can achieve.

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Infiorata a Genzano

"Infiorata a Genzano" (1858) is a one-act ballet created by the Danish choreographer August Bournonville, inspired by the Infiorata di Genzano event. Based on a story from Alexandre Dumas father's book "Impressions de voyage," it narrates the tale of two lovers, Rosa and Paolo. Considered one of Bournonville's finest ballets, this charming duet expresses joy and playfulness through their agile and entertaining steps.

Leotard: Luna CL - DellaLo' Classy Season 24

"Flower Festival in Genzano" - Chor. Rudolf Nureyev after August Bournonville. Ida Pretorius and Francesco Gabriele Frola

Spring Ballet Leotard

Leotard: Luna CL - DellaLo' Classy Season 24

Spring Waters

Created in 1959 by Asaf Messerer, choreographer and former principal dancer of the renowned Bolshoi Ballet, Spring Waters is an energetic and ethereal pas de deux that evokes the early days of spring. Despite being one of the shortest pas de deux in the classical repertoire, Asaf Messerer's choreography, accompanied by Rachmaninov's music, manages to capture the festive essence of spring in a brief span of time.

Leotard: Brigid GL- Golden Label Season 24

Leotard: Brigid GL- Golden Label Season 24

Voices of Spring

"Voices of Spring" is a short pas de deux created by Sir Frederick Ashton, set to the music of Johann Strauss II's "Frühlingsstimmen" waltz. It is a lively Viennese waltz with a strong sense of joy and effortless movement. Ashton crafted this piece for the 1977 production of Strauss's Die Fledermaus for the Royal Opera, where it replaced one of the original numbers in the show. The pas de deux is a spectacle of elegance and vivacity, characterized by playful and daring movements that showcase both the skill of the dancers and the creativity of the choreographer.

Leotard: Era DI - DellaLo' Icons Season 24

 Voices of SpringLeanne Benjamin and Carlos Acosta, Royal Opera House

 Voices of Spring: Alina Cojocaru and Johan Kobborg


Leotard: Era DI - DellaLo' Icons Season 24


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Infiorata a Genzano A - B - C

Spring Waters A - B

Voices of Spring A - B 

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