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International Dance Day 2024

On International Dance Day, we pay homage to the exquisite artistry of dance worldwide, a tribute conceived by the Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institute (ITI), a key partner of UNESCO in the performing arts realm.

This annual celebration commemorates the birth of Jean-Georges Noverre (1727–1810), a revered French dancer and ballet master often hailed as the pioneer of modern ballet. It illuminates the evolution of classical and romantic ballet, shaping its contemporary expressions.

Since its creation in 1982, the International Dance Committee and the International Theatre Institute have annually selected a distinguished dance figure to write a message for International Dance Day.

This Year’s Message Author:

Marianela NÚÑEZ, Argentina

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Photo credit: Marianela Nunez & Lukas B. Brændsrød - Royal Opera House

DellaLo' & International Dance Day

For our dancewear company, International Dance Day has a special meaning, as we deeply share its values. We strive every day to pay homage to the world of dance in our own way, creating products that make the wearer, from professional dancers to enthusiasts, feel their best.
Our focus is on offering maximum freedom of movement and performance, ensuring that every dancer can express the best version of themselves.
Through our dedication to quality and comfort, we aim to contribute positively to the ballet community, celebrating the joy and expression that dance brings to people's lives.

This year, we want to celebrate the International Dance Day by attending the "DREAMS" show organized by Centro Aida. By purchasing tickets to the performance, we're supporting one of the Compassion Italia association's projects. This initiative aids over 2 million children living in extreme poverty, guiding them through life's journey.

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Everyone is invited to join in the celebrations!

Anyone and everyone are encouraged to organize and promote celebrations on or around the day itself. Dance venues, theatre and dance institutions, universities specializing in theatre, dance, and performing arts, governmental bodies, cultural ministries, choreographers, and dance enthusiasts worldwide are invited to partake in the festivities of International Dance Day. 

And you, how will you celebrate this day of dance?

The aims of International Dance Day?

  • Get everyone grooving, promoting dance in all its funky, graceful, and wild forms worldwide.
  • Spread the word about how awesome dance is in every shape and style.
  • Give dancers a megaphone to shout about their moves, making sure big shots and leaders know how vital dance is and give it the love it deserves.
  • Dance just because it's awesome! No other reason needed.
  • And of course, let's spread the joy of dancing, sharing the fun with everyone around us!



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