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Ilizia is a romantic and dreamy garment inspired by the icons’ style of 50’s.
The design is focused on giving light to the decolletè area by the use of plissè technique and the deep V shape neckline.

The pleated, distributed evenly across the top whole area, creates folds and counterfolds formed by crimping and gently exalt the texture of the embroidery tulle fabrics.

The lightly crimped sleeves, finished by a thin trimming, fall softly on the shoulders. This particular design makes the arm look longer and slimmer. The wide shaped neckline is repeated on the back as well but, differently from the front side, the garment fits tight.

Materials: Lycra and DellaLo’ Tulle

Bottom: 80% PA - 20% EA
Top: 82% PA - 18% EA

Available in the following color variants: 

CD21065-1 Blu notte - L22+L23+TRD22

CD21065-2 Bordeaux - L31+TRD25

CD21065-3 Vapore - L43+TRD26

CD21065-4 Abano - L08+TRD32

Hand Made with Love

Hand made garments, made by fabrics of exclusively Italian origin.

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