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DellaLo' Skirt

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DellaLo’s kilt is the classic skirt with a wallet closure. It is made of georgette, which makes it light and very elegant.

Composition: Polyester 100%

Materials: Georgette Bali

Available in the following color variants: 

CA21007-1 Rosè G09
CA21007-2 Silk G01
CA21007-3 Abano G08
CA21007-4 Nero G13
CA21007-5 Argento G17
CA21007-6 Salvia G16
CA21007-7 Blu Notte G22
CA21007-8 Bordeaux G31
CA21007-9 Atlantic G23
CA21007-10 Cacao G05
CA21007-11 Vinaccia G18
CA21007-12 Bottiglia G12
CA21007-13 Avio G28
CA21007-14 Ardesia G14
CA21007-15 Snob G46
CA21007-16 Prugna G21

Hand Made with Love

From the yarn to the final product, our garments are entirely Made in Italy.


The processing time is 10 working days from the order placement.

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