"The dress must not hang on the body but follow its lines. It must accompany the wearer and when a woman smiles, then her dress should smile too." 

(Madeleine Vionnet)


Through the “Custom” service you can make a Collection Leotard more special, by changing its colors and textiles.

Custom - color

CUSTOM - Color change

 Custom textile

CUSTOM - Fabrics and color change

  1. Choose the model you like the most among the actual Season
  2. Look at the available fabrics in the catalogue and choose the combinations you prefer
  3. Write in the Order form the name and code of the model and the textiles you’ve chosen, following the description used in the website
  4. Send us the form via e-mail


Tailor made

Our passion for excellence and our care for details drove us to create a service providing our customers with an exclusive tailoring experience. Thanks to our lab, anyone can create and customize any model, matching tradition and innovation. The uniqueness of a customized model depends on customization; this is why we offer the possibility to choose the model, and to decide any details and fabrics. From the first to the last element, our laboratory will allow you to enjoy all the benefits and emotions of a model you have fully created.

Download one of our catalogues: WOMAN (English) MAN (English). Create your own model and fill in the ORDER FORM in all its parts. Send it by e-mail to: dellalo.milano@gmail.com and will be son contacted for quotation and delivery terms.