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Hannah Martin

From Rhythmic Gymnastics to the Birmingham Royal Ballet


In the world of ballet, starting rigorous training in early childhood is often seen as a prerequisite for success. However, Hannah Martin, a prominent dancer with the Birmingham Royal Ballet, has defied this convention in the most inspiring way.

Before stepping into the ballet studio at the age of 16, Hannah was an accomplished rhythmic gymnast, competing with the British national team. Her unique journey from the gymnastics floor to the ballet stage showcases a remarkable blend of dedication, athleticism, and artistry.

Join us as we delve into Hannah's extraordinary transition and the insights she has gained along the way.


Hi, my name is Hannah Martin and I'm currently an artist with the Birmingham Royal Ballet.


When did you decide you wanted to be a ballerina? Where did you study?

I trained at Elmhurst Ballet School. I focussed purely on ballet with a local ballet training programme from 16. I started quite late at vocational school, I didn't go until I was 18 because before that I was a rhythmic gymnast. I was quite late in deciding that I wanted to take ballet as a career, but I knew it was something I was super passionate about and it's something that I wanted to do with my life.

It's definitely a life of dedication, it's not a decision that you take lightly.


What do you enjoy most about your "Ballerina life"?

I think my favourite thing about ballerina life is when you work really hard on something and you see it improve incrementally. I think there's nothing more rewarding than when you've put a lot into something and you actually see the results right before your eyes because it's a very physical art form.


Can you tell us about a special occasion for you during your dancing career? What emotions did you experience?

One of the most special ballet memories for me is the day that I got my job. I will definitely cherish that memory in that day forever.

Other things that I've really enjoyed since I joined the company was being part of the Creation process for Juliano Nunez's Interlinked. That was an incredible experience. And also performing in Jorge Crecis’ piece, 24. I think the emotions I felt during both those things are something that keeps me going, something processes are something really, really special. As a choreographer myself, I really enjoy being part of new pieces, new work, as well as doing the classics.


Is there a special project you're working on that you would like to share with us?

I'm currently working on a new piece with the Birmingham Royal Ballet called Luna, and I'm really enjoying the creation process at the moment. I can't share too much too soon, but to make sure to check it out, it's going to be a great piece, something I think that is very relevant.

It's quite a lot about female empowerment, so I really enjoy doing this as an independent, strong woman. 


What are your thoughts about the DellaLo' leotards you've chosen?

I love DellaLo’. I think they're one of the most sophisticated, beautiful style leotards I have in my collection. And always when I'm in class wearing them, it makes me feel great.

I think that leotards are definitely worth the investment because as dancers, It's like our everyday clothes, but it's also for our work. And sometimes, because it is an esthetic art form, when you feel look good, it also makes you dance differently. So I think DellaLo’ has been a bit of a game changer for me.


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